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Specialising in short films and feature, documentaries and cartoons, I have been composing for over twenty-five years. My work draws on classical musical training at the Toulouse Conservatory as well as stage experience on keyboards with different bands, playing a variety of musical genres from contemporary (poprock, reggae, world etc) to electronic (electro, dub, techno etc).
In order to fulfill my desire to evolve towards greater creative freedom, I turned to what has ultimately been a dream since childhood: the composition of musical scores for images and films.
To this end, I trained as a film composer with Stéphane Meer, French television and cinema composer.
My creations are meticulously composed: imbued with sensitivity, underscored by a great sense of rhythm, tinged with a wide range of musical styles and influences, and linked to an aesthetic that is constantly reinventing itself.
When the need arises, in order to put the finishing touches to my compositions, I collaborate closely with other talented musicians and sound engineers.

The Vermeille Bandes Originales studio is a production studio that I created in 2019 dedicated to TV short or feature-length audiovisual productions, documentaries, institutional films, cartoons, trailers, commercials, sound design web companies.


Studio equipment:


OS X digital station with Logic Pro X

Audient sound card

Focal monitoring speakers

Yamaha PA

Sound and effect banks : EastWest, Spitfire Audio, Waves, Arturia, and many others

Kawai CS 11 digital piano

Guitars, keyboards

Portable Medieval Organ

Percussion set : bendir, daf, darbouka and various manual percussions.


Mixing and mastering:


To perfect my compositions, I work in collaboration with Fred Mostacci at Studio La Musiquerie (Beaune) and with Joris Mulen at Studio Revele (Valence).


The particular records:


When it is necessary for my creations and according to the allocated budget, I call on talented musicians for the recording of particular instruments: viola da gamba, harpsichord, cello, voice etc.


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